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May 12 2013

Kurdish men in Iran have launched a Facebook campaign to send a message: being a woman is nothing to be ashamed of. The "Kurd Men for Equality" campaign was started in response to a judge's ruling that forced a man convicted of domestic abuse to wear women's clothing as a form of public humiliation.

According to Global Voices, a local court in a Kurdish province of Iran ordered the man be escorted through the streets while wearing a red dress and hijab. Since then, Kurdish Iranians have organised on Facebook to speak out against the ruling, which they say is demeaning to women.

(via AlJazeera)
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August 09 2012

No caption needed ...
(via Iran Military)
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April 07 2012

The whole reason that Iran and North Korea even began pursuing nuclear weapons is because of that incredibly stupid "Axis of Evil" speech that George Bush made in 2003. When the largest military power in the world labels you as one of three "Axis of Evil" members, then proceeds to invade one of the other two, it tends to make you a bit twitchy. And, both Iran and NK know that the only way to really protect yourself from U.S. invasion is with nuclear weapons.
Iran Deleted From the World's Banking Computers
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March 07 2012

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