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April 03 2015

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Thanks to this art museum Kamila and her friends went to, now we thought up of using the word 'contemporary' as an insult XD and I'm pretty sure hipsters would use it.

January 15 2015

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flippin daleks have the best sass lets be real, those little salt shakers of doom know how to give some of the best burns the time vortex has ever seen

salt shakers of doom

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November 25 2014


November 19 2014

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October 27 2014


October 22 2014


July 07 2014


May 20 2014

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February 25 2014


January 22 2014




How dare you Perez Hilton. How dare you. Stop acting so innocent.

Perez Hilton has

  • insulted kesha’s appearance many times
  • leaked private photos of kesha, invading her privacy
  • caused her to break down crying right before she was about to perform live on the xfactor
  • caused kesha to hallucinate from lack of sleep
  • ruined her relationship with some she really cared about
  • made fun of her sales
  • insulted her live performance, then praised her on his blog
  • claimed that gossips about other celebrities. wow
  • bullied her for years and then sucks up to her online, just like he does to many other celebrities

This is just some of the stuff I gathered, not including all the terrible things he has done to other celebrities. I just don’t understand how he still gets away with all of this. These things actually effect people. like ke$ha said in her song Love Into The Light, “all of the shit talk, all of the chatter cuts like a knife and kills like a dagger.”

signal boost because no one should do this. 

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December 28 2013



hey girls friendly reminder that if another girl is being mean to you, avoid calling her a bitch, slut, or whore, because it’s likely there will be dudebros nearby and if you say that they might think it’s ok to say that to other women.  Call her “motherfucking shithead” or “cranberry fucknut” or something that’s genderneutral.  If we wanna change we gotta start somewhere

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August 23 2013


July 23 2013


ad campaign

Great ad campaign from the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault. More posters here. 
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June 05 2013

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Street harassment is not a compliment.

Learn to differentiate between street harassment and compliment
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November 29 2012

People who insult you are giving you a blueprint as to what makes them insecure.
Twitter / mightymur
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May 18 2012

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Cursing like a sir
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April 13 2012

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Grazie! XD
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October 03 2011

August 05 2011


March 26 2011

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