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February 18 2015

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this is your periodic reminder that old-timey medicines did not fuck around

Yeah that’d probably handle a cough.

#skillfully combined with a number of other ingredients #OKAY

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October 17 2014


The Chemistry of Pizza - Reactions

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February 14 2014


January 15 2013

Shoot’ em Up: The Visual Guide to 30 Shots (Infographic)
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October 17 2012


September 02 2012

Zucchini Pasta print by Claudia Pearson #lifeinstyle #greenwithenvy
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March 19 2012

DIY homemade finger paints!
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January 08 2012


October 22 2011

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Responses & more info:

the only difference between the two drinks are the creators. one was created by john pemberton (coke) the other was created by caleb bradham (pepsi). it was originally called "brads drink", but was changed to pepsi cola because of the digestive enzyme pepsin and the kola nuts used in the drink. coke used drugs and claimed that it cured diseases however, pepsi was known to cure digestive problems when? it was first distributed...

You kind of missed out on a few big parts of the original creation of Coca-cola. So it doesn't really answer much of how and why it was really created. For one thing, the original was called Coca-Coke, and it had wine in it as well. French wine I believe. And secondly, it was created because Pemberton was also a war veteran and was addicted to morphine. The drink was originally intended to dissolve anyone's addiction to morphine. I praise Coke's creation and its creator, he did an awesome thing.
@comodo24 I think you meant sweeter, not sweater. Also, they use different preservatives is the big difference. So some people taste? Pepsi's or Coke's and like or don't like it. Or they taste both and like/dislike they equally. The other difference being Coke uses a cherry base and Pepsi uses a lemon base.

February 22 2011

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