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October 30 2014


September 10 2013

Make Others Successful - IDEO
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March 26 2013


Do more drugs

Took 5 tabs of acid (first time doing it ever) and my friend gave me a bunch of acrylic paint. Painted it with my fingers tripping out of my mind. Also I’m colorblind, and don’t work with abstract work at all (I only have ever done drawing). Thought this was pretty wacky.

June 15 2012


Thanks William ;) (a little piece of randomness for you all today)

October 21 2011


Nina Garcia on imitation in The Little Black Book of Style

So, this was funny: I went a-Googlin’ Salvador Dali’s quote, “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing,” and the *last* Google Books result was Nina, with the quote formatted in pink on black…

from: http://tumblr.austinkleon.com/post/11653407393

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September 02 2011

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