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December 23 2019

A revamp of something I did 6 years ago

This was originally done with watercolor pencils + a ballpoint pen lineart. The watercolor/papery texture is worth keeping so in the digitally-colored revamp I used my fav textured brush.

The reason I drew this is out of envy that some of my friends at the time got to experience what I've always wanted to, and thus Envy Cake's in there along with the primarily green colors. The dolls (now people in the back) represented those friends whom I envied. I guess there's also symbolism as well with the eyes, mouths & holes on the legs... not sure about the snakes though. Snakes are adorable UwU.
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November 14 2014


November 23 2013

Indulging in your own envy. It's wrong and poisonous, but the hell with it.

Because there's no wifi in the house anymore, I kinda felt too lazy to use my laptop to draw, so here's another watercolor painting.
Like I said previously, I wanna do something like BEGRUDGED (a piece I did in 2008 with oil pastels) but we don't have oil pastels anymore, and I felt like wasting my watercolor pencils. The concept was inspired by my hidden envy towards some of my good friends (cuz they are my good friends after all) and some internet friends I made this year which went to concerts I couldn't go to.
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