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August 17 2017

memperingati pahlawan2 yang telah gugur berjuang untuk kemerdekaan negara kita
remembering the fallen heroes who have fought for our country’s independence

August 18 2013

"Reviving the Spirit of Independence Day"
“Every year, the community’s participation seems to get lower and lower,” said Henry Ingkiriwang, a neighborhood chief in South Jakarta’s subdistrict of Kebayoran Baru. http://jglo.be/i3GN

September 16 2011

I remember Den and Kuri drawing matching pictures of themselves (or deviantIDs) for Chile's independence day

And I got jealous that I didnt thought of those previously during Indonesia's independence day, and Putri drew this a few days later

Aw yiss Putri came to the rescue. Eventhough it's not our independence day yet at that time.

August 20 2011

Happy Independence Indonesiaa by p0y95

August 18 2011

8595 d7d6
and another little something for yesterday's celebration *dances*
'Dirgahayu Indonesia 66th' by FataLaCrime
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Gather Our Spirits by Goodmorningnight
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We are Many, We are Ind-ONE-sia by y0rri
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