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April 19 2012

October 27 2011


Small Garden In The House, Bringing Natural Fresh Impression

Small garden in the house 1 small garden in the house, bringing natural fresh impression

Minimalist garden design in the house

Make changes to your home decor with a new design that is more stylish and modern. The new design can make the indoor garden into a minimalist design. If you really love your favorite plants or fresh flowers, of course you want to always be near and to protect and care every time. Minimalist design in the home garden is a great solution to create abeautiful indoor garden.

Small garden in the house 2 small garden in the house, bringing natural fresh impression

Plants in the room makes the atmosphere becomes more fresh

Can add a little touch of plants in each room so you’ll still feel close to your favorite plants. with this situation, so you’ll be closer to nature and this is good for you.

Small garden in the house 3 small garden in the house, bringing natural fresh impression

Plants in the reading room houses made of natural atmosphere

Nature will produce something beautiful and fun. Then you’re ready to create new designs in home gardens are beautiful and wonderful for those days you become more fresh and comfortable. Natural and healthy, then this situation will definitely improve your health.

source: http://www.homethelovely.com/interior-design/small-garden-in-the-house-bringing-natural-fresh-impression/

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