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August 10 2013


impersonate kyary

wears weird ass clothes
weird ass hair
weird ass face
sings about weird ass shit
but i love her with all my heart even since her kera model days
Ok, that answer is so true... cept for the last part. The whole list is true XDDD

January 30 2011

Christopher Sharp Allegedly Impersonates Deputy For Months To Impress Girlfriend

Christopher sharp fake deputy

This guy is not a deputy.

Florida resident Christopher Sharp, 37, allegedly pretended to be a Pasco County Sheriff's deputy for six months in order to impress his live-in (now ex) girlfriend, the Sun Sentinel reported.

In reality, Sharp was working at a local Pizza Hut. He had pilfered a deputy uniform from his sister's boyfriend, according to a news release written by actual (we think) deputies with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

Rhett and Link sent me to this article. Well if I were to lie about myself, it's usually to make MYSELF feel better, and not impress anyone else. Not even a random hot guy.
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