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May 16 2015

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I laughed when I saw this fact but stopped when I saw the explanation…Turkey gained independence when the Ottoman Empire broke up and the new president decreed that Turkish would now be written with the Latin alphabet instead of the Arabic one.  Well that would cause problems enough, but breaking ties with the old empire wasn’t the only reason.

Kemal Atatürk wanted to force Turkey’s minorities to assimilate, and of course one good way to do this is through oppression of languages.  The Kurds were the most hard-hit - fully 20% of the population spoke Kurdish.  Q, W and X were outlawed and several new characters added to fit the Latin alphabet perfectly around the Turkish language - and make it more difficult to write in any other ones.

I’m gonna be perfectly honest here: Turkey isn’t exactly the biggest fan of minority languages. Apparently Article 42 of the Turkish constitution is:

No language other than Turkish shall be taught as a mother tongue to Turkish citizens at any institutions of training or education. Foreign languages to be taught in institutions of training and education and the rules to be followed by schools conducting training and education in a foreign language shall be determined by law. The provisions of international treaties are reserved.


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August 07 2014

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June 16 2014

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September 02 2013

When was the last time you broke the law?

if downloading music online counts as breaking the law, then my answer would be just two weeks ago. else, i never actually remember when was the last time i broke rules, but it shouldve been badass.

April 13 2013


February 03 2012

And thus, Green Day's "21st Century Breakdown" album.
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December 11 2011

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