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March 24 2015

Dan Smith: Hello I'm Dan Smith. Im the Time Lord, I wear fezes and bowties and I own a TARDIS and I'm also the leadsinger of Bastille.
Dan Smith: GERONIMOOOOO *leaps off building singing Bad Blood*
Dan Smith: *suddenly grows wings and sings Icarus*
Dan Smith: *falls b/c he can't fly and sings Pompeii*

January 21 2015

4021 1486

Icarus flew too close to the sun and fell to the earth as his wings of wax melted

But what they don’t tell you is

Daedalus watched
His child fall [ x ]

December 01 2014


October 06 2014


September 29 2014


July 28 2013

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Picture from here.
We were initially talking about Icarus and Periphery but then due to the spelling of the Hangul & Cyrillic, somehow the conversation shifted to food and peri-peri chicken.

Dang it now I want Greek and Indian food again

December 21 2012

Powerpuff Icky, Cass & Herc again showing off their powers. Trying to do something like this.
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November 30 2012

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Because he can be such a drama queen sometimes.
Btw the song Icarus is singing (or rather dramatically reading the lyrics instead of singing) is this. And I love how Cassandra looks here.

November 19 2012

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I know right  > Iknorite > IKR > Ikaro. Suddenly wings.
(Super high) Skype chat with Myoo89
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November 15 2012

Powerpuff Herc, Icky & Cass. Cuz they're one of my fave trios.
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November 06 2012

5779 feb8
One of my favorite trios.
From the episode Hercules and the Hero of Athens

March 28 2012





Hey Choco are you looking at this? Next time be more punny with your chocolate wings!

A very punful Icky! :3 Lol Daedalus is pissed.
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January 20 2012

Normally I don't buy Playfish Cash stuff in Playfish games. But THIS PAIR OF WINGS RIGHT HERE. It was the only thing I was desperate to buy that time Pet Society went Greek Mythology. Icarus FTW.

August 29 2011


August 26 2011

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy, when skies are grey
My dad made wax wings, to help us escape
Please don't melt my wax wings away

So let the sun shine in, face it with a grin
Open up your wings and let the sun shine in
So let the sun shine in, face it with a grin
Drowning in the sea because of melted wings.

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