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June 21 2015



Just when I thought today’s episode was going to be lighthearted…this happened.

Steven is the first human/gem hybrid and though he has always known this, it didn’t seem much of a problem for him. 
I think it was after “Jailbreak” that Steven began to truly see the difference.

He’s not a complete Gem. Other Gems, (such a Jasper) only see him as Rose Quartz since he has his mothers Gem.

Other humans see him as a Gem, since he can do things that other humans can’t. 
His father may not have intended it, but when he and Connie became a little closer using the bonds of humanity, Steven must have felt left out. He’s in his own category. It must be so hard to feel like you can’t identify with each group that you’re a part of.

My poor Steven. Please don’t start questioning yourself!!

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October 21 2014

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August 04 2014


March 19 2014

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March 10 2014

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January 14 2013


The Hybrid chairs by Merve Kahraman

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August 18 2012

A Huge Hybrid Wolf

Submitted by: oisanji
Posted at: 2012-08-15 17:43:54
See full post and comment: http://9gag.com/gag/5065302

Tags: hybrid giant wolf
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September 03 2011

August 19 2011

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