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September 16 2014


May 17 2013








oh beyonce i think i love you more and more each day

why more people dont pick you as their feminist icon i’ll never know

I’m crying. This is my life in a gifset. 

There is a sea of female celebrities who slut-shame, say shit like “I’m not like other girls” and “all my friends are guys,” and then there is Beyonce. 

casually reblogging this again because I had such an awesome night last night with my girlfriends, at two separate parties and an impromptu slumber party. Spending time with the woman in my life who care about me and understand me is the absolute best way to feel good about myself. I just love my girlfriends.


With songs like Run the World, Independent Women and Survivor, how was there ever a doubt?

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February 08 2013

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November 18 2012

Pages from "Please God, Find Me A Husband" by SImone Lia
Published by Jonathan Cape, 2012

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June 07 2012

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one of the reasons to not get married
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