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March 21 2015

Things Voldemort should have made into horcruxes:



  1. A penny, he then should have gave that penny to a stranger and told them to pass it on , the result would be Harry Potter never being able to find the penny.

  2. His underwear , who wants to have to take someone’s underwear off of them?!

  3. A dead battery, who would suspect that?

  4. Lily and James’ tombstone. Could harry destroy his parents graves?


January 24 2014

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When the trio had to take turns wearing the horcrux, it enhanced all their bad thoughts and Harry couldn’t even cast a patronus. Umbridge on the other hand wore it to work to enhance her own blood staus, reveled in interrogating muggle-borns and her patronus was strong and glowing with contentment. Wearing a piece of Voldemort’s soul around her neck had no adverse effects on her at all. If that doesn’t underline just how vile a character she is, then I don’t know what does.

Oh God I’ve never thought about that before

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July 27 2011


Hipster Potter (signs read: “Butter Beer is Mainstream. Drink PBR.” and “Helveticadabra.”)

the blond dude looks like patrick stump

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