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January 18 2015

0403 01ab


I didn’t understand the joke until I learned Honey was Latina.


it would have been so much easier to understand if, you know, they actually made her look latina


So you’d rather she be stereotypical?


Well that explains why she rolls the R in Hiro’s name.


“they actually made her look latina”

Latinos don’t have a “look.” It’s an ethnicity, not a race.


The joke is fucking mi casa is spanish, you don’t need to think it relates to anyone’s race specifically it’s just that fuck face being stupid. I’ve never heard a lick of french/spanish in my life and I get the joke.

How in the high flying evergreen fucks does this have 44, 000 notes, is tumblr really that fetishistic about race?


Yoooooooo Latinos don’t come in the same shade of brown.

Look at Cameron Diaz. Look at Zoe Saldana. Both are Latinas!

And fun fact: Japanese and Spanish are two languages where the words are (usually) pronounced the same way they’re read and their Rs are pronounced similarly, hence why Honey didn’t fuck up Hiro’s name.

Also some Southeast Asian countries (one of them which I'm from).
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September 12 2014

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