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April 25 2015

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Up next in the Choc Chugs series, after Mint Choc Chugs, here comes Honey Choc Chugs!
I also felt that chocolate & honey would make a good combination but some people might not agree, cuz it’s gonna taste too sweet.
next: Date Choc Chugs

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October 02 2014

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March 11 2014

August 31 2013

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Never refrigerate pure honey - Tina

August 08 2013

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toast with honey for sahur that morning... but SCREW IT, I'll just say that i had purple bread with aquamarine honey instead that morning >:P
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November 28 2012

While listening to Taylor Swift at the supermarket...

(via Chinese Cutes. This rly is a cute webcomic)
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November 03 2012

Honey, You Make Me Blue. Beekeepers near the French town of Ribeauville, which is home to a M&M’s processing plant, have noticed their bees turning out honey in unnatural shades — green, blue and dark brown among them.

source: Buzzfeed
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October 15 2012


August 28 2011

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Honey-flavored Ultra Milk. I miss this little baby.
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February 19 2011

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