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March 06 2015



To the dozen anons who have asked about what’s under my hijab - since it obviously couldn’t be hair…it’s one of these:

• snakes
• 5lbs of candy
• a bear
• Tiny elves making cookies
• a vortex where all my powers and life force are kept 
• a teleporter
• nothing. I keep it covered because there’s literally a black hole on top of my head

You forgot Voldemort. Also, I am hiding Voldemort under my hijab 

January 28 2015


My kitten likes to ‘hide’ in this jar, and her brother is confused!

Tags: cat kitten hide jar
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September 17 2013


me avoiding people.

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May 06 2012

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October 12 2011

So you could run and tell that, homeboy.
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