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September 18 2011

Dream 22-10-2014

Got hired in a environmental/humanitarian company somewhere in Africa, not sure what country it was though. The lady that hired me was pretty friendly and we talked a lot like friends before she showed me to the interview room. Perhaps it's cuz of my dad (or his company) having connections to the company.

Dream 26-10-2014

I, along with a bunch of people, were stuck in a loop of some sort of heist. We had to climb stairs, go through windows, jump from roof to roof, break into other people's houses and grab some loot stuff on the list, etc... basicaly like burglars doing parkour. I'm not sure whether it was a gameshow or not, because we were timed.

In the middle of break time, two ex-MCR members Gerard Way & Frank Iero came and they were assigned on our team, helping out as guest stars. I suddenly remembered a fanart I did for Gerard, and seeing him in front of me, I gave him the original copy. He thought he wanted me to sign my artwork but I said "just take it, I don't need your autograph. It's all yours." and he  LIKED IT. He seemed to be pretty happy.

Breaktime was up again and we had another level to heist. I was right behind Frank in line and since I had to take out my sketchbook from my bag to give Gerard the fanart, I was still holding the sketchbook and that slowed me down so Frank offered to catch the sketchbook whenever I'm running through an obstacle and throw it back to me once I'm done. And the heist continues.
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