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September 09 2013

You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.
— Dita Von Teese  (via considerthishippie)

February 05 2013




I’m not even going to mince words here: I’ve known Fall Out Boy was recording a new album for a long time now. We have the same circle of friends. You can’t keep a secret like that. (Somehow though, the word only got leaked a couple days ago. Amazing, for something I knew about in March… of 2012.)

When I saw the new video today, I got excited - but not for the same reasons many of you probably got excited. I got excited because I saw 2Chainz and a can of gasoline. In my mind, I was thinking, “Finally. Someone is going to burn Pete and Patrick, and forever prevent them from polluting the musical world with their contrived, teen-pop shit.“ 

Boy was I wrong. No, Fall Out Boy just decided to take the risk of putting a black rapper in their music video, and start a fire. (Whoa! I know, right? It’s like, rap and rock coming together. That’s NEVER been done before… NOT.) Then it occurred to me about halfway through the song: “2Chainz isn’t even going to rap here.” So not only was it a cheap, poorly produced video, with the artistic expression that only people with shit taste can enjoy - they didn’t even bother using the fucking rapper they hired.

‘You’re on fire’, eh? Well, how can you creatively show us that, metaphorically speaking of course? You’ll literally set a stack of wood on fire?! Wait, no… hire a black guy to do it! That’s edgy. And uh… how about a non-white woman?! YEAH!

I wish I could have sat in on that production meeting. Oh, what I’d do to be a fly on the wall for some of those sessions.

This is the reason I can’t stand some parts of the music business. This song is horrible. It’s a formulaic pop song, with wretched songwriting, and the chorus is an overused cliche. That’s not edgy, innovative, or musically appealing to anyone above the age of 16. The video is equally boring. Why even bother making shit like this, especially when you’re paid for life already? Pete and Patrick don’t need the money. They could take risks musically, and not worry about the sales. They’re in one of the most enviable positions a musician can be in, and rather than taking risks, they’re just proving what I have always said, all along - they’re not very good.

Even when Fall Out Boy was at their peak, they weren’t even the most successful band on their own label. (A label that Pete owns.) In fact, they were the third most successful on their own label - even when putting the most marketing money behind themselves. That’s not talent.

2Chainz could have saved us all from horrible music, and he wasted the opportunity. I mean, holy shit - 2Chainz could have RAPPED on this song, and made it better. That’s really saying something. If 2Chainz is making a positive contribution to your song, then your song is fucking horrible. End of story.

oh shove it up your fucking ass shane morris nobody gives a shit about your opinion but you know what’s really funny??? the fact that you claim to have made so many artists famous but i have not heard of any artists you fucking manage besides ryan and he got famous before you decided to “”“take him under your wing”

fall in a fucking ditch

hey shane did you know that you’re literally the biggest shit bag to exist? ryan doesn’t like you no one likes you literally people have been waiting years for their fucking heroes to come back and help save them again and once they’re finally back, dickwads like you have to just put your two cents in. i’m a 15 year old girl and i am still a better person than you. are you really gonna wish death on someone who has brought so much happiness to the world? well guess what, fuck you. how’d you like it if someone wished you would die? cause hey


we all do. 

I sense quite an air of jealousy to this post, Shane. Thousands (literally) of people have been waiting for this band to come back and bring back the music that saved their lives. 
Fall Out Boy has fuckin saved people. You’ve never done that, you can never say you will. Pete has more success in his finger than you do in your entire being, and probably always will.
Word of advice: If you want to be respected in this industry you seem to care so greatly for, start acting like a fucking professional.

Death wishes? Grow up, dude.

lol haters gonna hate, but nobody messes with the fans. IMHO I think it's fair that 2Chainz gets to rap in the music video, as long as he doesn't rap about shitty things like most rappers do nowadays.
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