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March 25 2017

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Meet the queen who's literally crappy and a man who's literally bananas. And she's probably never married due to her toilet personality, but Banana Guy over there seems to see the good underneath all that layer of poop.

Recorded back in May 2013, this was the continuation of the convo Tina & I had after "How To Grow A Cat", probably explains the theme continuation with pot & cats.
And BOY we were high af. Probably on medication cuz I was sick that time, & so was Tina, cuz she was coughing. She's probably confused here cuz either I talk too fast or the audio isn't really coming through in Skype. Sowwy Tinushka :(

Also in the beginning I wore a Soup.io shirt & she wore a Tumblr one, and at the end she has a Soundcloud shirt on while I've got a Chirbit shirt.

June 27 2015

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Post a picture of you wearing your favorite pair of sunglasses.

more like the only pair of shades ive got. got it from a friend as a birthday gift last year

May 17 2015


October 26 2014

August 14 2014


November 26 2013

November 16 2013

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Classy Law

Of course they also have the caps, but the helmets are funnier.

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October 02 2013

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purple skeleton going the extra mile.

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September 30 2013


August 28 2013

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My latest creation (◡‿◡✿)  


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August 18 2013

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「幸せなら手をたたこう」を歌うオカメインコ (by Ikoino Mori)

the happiest bird with a styrofoam tray for a hat

I feel so happy just watching it

(via smearghoul)

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August 09 2013

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what am i doing with my life

bless uou

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April 28 2013

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how adorabubu
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April 05 2013


January 18 2013

Regular Show - Mordecai & Rigby hats and socks :B

November 12 2012

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October 29 2012

We are all mad here by shirtsayings
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September 24 2012

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Bunny Wears a Hat on His Rump

Thanks, peacheypops!

Tags: bunny rabbit hat
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September 15 2012

Dafuq?! People say Finn's hat is a BUNNY? Since when did that happen? Fionna's hat has bunny ears. Finn's hat has BEAR Ears. It's that obvious.
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