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February 03 2014

me: (to another friend) myoo89 said once she's gonna grow hers past her ass too but idk if she really wants to

myoo89: its waaaaaaay pass me ass until my mom want me to chop off the hair to shoulder plate length

me: you know what you should do, cut your hair until it's benedict cumberbatch's length. wear a black coat & a blue scarf. Shertina.

myoo89: nah man, its dangerous fr me to keep that short length... for sure hakuna matata

me: why is it dangerous for you to have short hair again?

myoo89: hakuna.... matata

me: ha-kena-your-mata? (ha-poke-your-eye?)

myoo89: that is both funny and accurately true!

July 24 2013


April 04 2013

Hakuna Matata!! by Chacckco
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April 27 2012

Keep Calm and Hakuna Matata

April 18 2012

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Hakuna Matata by chacckco
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March 28 2011

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