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December 12 2019

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How to stir white tea & green tea

source: Singabera

May 20 2017

Wah hari ini ice cream SEA SALT CARAMEL TOP viral banget di Instagram. Varian ice cream cone McD terbaru versi SMURF ini baru launching dengan harga Rp 8000,-Berarti sekarang udah ada 4 topping non-original (Sea Salt Caramel, Strawberry, GreenTea, Choco Top). Tinggal balik ke selera, favorit kalian yang mana ?
Harus segera coba nih yang biru...
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February 21 2015


August 05 2013

elephant journal:

Better-than-Starbucks Vegan Green Tea Latte.

Via Hayley Hobson

Vegan Green Tea Latte


2 scoops matcha green tea powder

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 packet stevia, if desired


Warm milk on stove top until it is almost boiling. Place the matcha powder and stevia in the warmed milk. Whisk thoroughly to get rid of any chunks of powder and enjoy!

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June 29 2013

PickYourTeacup II
a revamp of this.
Software used: Cinema 4D R12.
I decided to make the background a different color from the original pic.

More description on my blog [link]

December 01 2012

Trying to draw an underwater scene again. But it didnt end up looking as good as the previous one.
Me & Myoo89 swimming in green tea with lime & mint. At least I managed to make the floorbed look sandy.

June 21 2012



i really wanna try these.

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March 30 2012


March 06 2011

Yea... the 2nd pic of the 'two drinks' series (i guess... dunno if I'll make more)it's green tea & poison. maybe based on the 2 stamps here [link]
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