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March 03 2020


June 01 2019

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Oh and I totally tried the Whopperdamaian back in April. It tastes pretty alright, the standard BK kind of delicious, and the green isnt that green irl compared to the ads but no surprises there. It's still a green burger that tastes ok & I still like it.
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May 30 2019

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I took the Taste vs Appearance quiz on GoJek x Burger King & got Appearance

May 26 2015

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post something green

February 06 2015

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Based upon this palette

which I made earlier.

Hex codes: #D60E1D #DE4918 #E78214 #EFBE10 #FBF508 #B9DB10 #80C510 #42AA14

I was gonna submit this to color-palettes, but it’s eight colours and they only take palettes up to six, so I’m just tagging it #colourpod instead. :D

November 29 2014

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November 04 2014


October 04 2014


May 04 2014

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April 20 2014


March 26 2014

March 22 2014


December 11 2013

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Beautiful Blue Pond in Japan Turns Spectacularly Green

Simply known as the “Blue Pond,” the beautiful body of water in the town of Biei in Hokkaido, Japan seems to change colors right before visitors’ eyes. Depending on how the light falls, or in Japanese photographer Kent Shiraishi’s opinion, “because of the weather,” the picturesque pond can be a breathtaking turquoise blue color or a stunning emerald green.

In the months of October and November this year, Shiraishi captured these shots of the green pond with snow covered trees rising out of it. The artificial pond was created as part of an erosion control system that was built to prevent damage to Biei in case of an eruption by nearby Mount Tokachidake. The blue color of the pond, for which it is known, has not been fully explained but is attributed to the presence of aluminum hydroxide in the water that reflects the shorter wavelength blue light the same way the earth’s atmosphere does. What a dreamy spot for photographers.

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December 08 2013

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A revamp of THIS OLD THING I called a deviantID
Tried following the drawing style of this piece by Jump-Button
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What happens when you rotate Copper Sulfate while it is on fire!

I think Maleficent is about to appear. 


for a second i thought you meant that maleficient was about to appear sideways and i was confused. then i got it.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought of Harry Potter

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November 16 2013



I drew a little farm one day. #dribbble #farm #illustration by luloops http://ift.tt/HQKv8t

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October 28 2013

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Remember the first time you got a dA subscription and you got overexcited and copied NieBakura's green stamps collection on the sidebar & made your own red stamps collection on your sidebar?
oh man, i still have the picture XD thats Nie with the green stamps and me (Chocoreaper) with the red ones n for some reason theres a Gerard Way plush too. the writing below says: Well Nie said "good job, all you need is a sub" she probably said that before I got a sub n a few months later, BAM. Subscription for ma birthday!

Also, I kinda always wanted to red-ify all the green stuff she has, including this
Moodrings by NieBakura

to this
Spiderrings by Chocoreaper
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