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November 27 2019


March 26 2014

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February 12 2014

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Guns in Space - Vsauce ft. MinutePhysics
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What if the Earth were Hollow? Minutephysics ft. Vsauce

November 12 2013

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This was an art project for school, the assignment being to do a piece on some social injustice. As a person who has been, is, and likely will be depressed in the future, I feel a strong shame when the topic of depression is brought up in a social setting, as if my struggle is some kind of a disease. The way depression is talked about is, for some reason, separate from the way physical injuries are discussed. My pain and injury is no less than that of someone with physical evidence that there is something wrong, which is absolute bullcrap. 

Anyway, I hope you like the comic. /end of rant. 

Holy shit Hannah.

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August 09 2013

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4th wall breaking son of a bitch.

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July 12 2013

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there were no digital effects used in that shot. they actually had David Bowie hanging upsidedown on this rig system with his boot glued to the brick. then they just flipped him around and were like, ok David, don’t die.

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August 28 2012

February 21 2012

Gravity by citamichan (itzcindyrella)
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October 02 2011

Amy Shackleton - Painting Timelapse
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