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October 28 2018

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I really love Grab's new intro screen

November 17 2013

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Simplicity in Web and Graphic Design

It’s pretty clear that graphic designers across the web are enthusiastically exploring the nuances and simple beauty of modern minimalism. Whether it’s in flat icons,logos or tiled images, minimalist designs are created to make web experiences smoother, more enjoyable and easier than ever to understand.

November 06 2013



Just dropped a cool little project at @bigcartel. A series of Field Guides for working artists. This guy accompanies “Marketing”. guides.bigcartel.com

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January 27 2013


Posters for Graphic Designers | Available here

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July 22 2012



in the process of questioning my life’s choices. i should post this on my portfolio tumblr for shits and giggles.
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August 09 2011


Graphic Design 101

Welp I do this all the time. With photoshop.

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