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July 17 2014

July 13 2014

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June 02 2014


May 30 2014


May 24 2014


March 21 2014


January 15 2014


Adding a Period in a Text Message Just Makes You Look Pissed Off.


Here’s an example from an article in the New Republic

On text and instant message, punctuation marks have largely been replaced by the line break. I am much more likely to type two separate messages without punctuation:

sorry about last night
next time we can order little caesars  

Than I am to send a single punctuated message: 

I’m sorry about last night. Next time we can order Little Caesars.

And, because it seems begrudging, I would never type:

sorry about last night.
next time we can order little caesars.

I talked about this in a post last year (Do you end a text with a period?), concluding that I use periods to varying degrees in text messages, sometimes for snark and especially when a textversation is longer (multiple sentences) or more formal. The comments/notes on that post, about other people’s text punctuation are also interesting. I wonder if anything has changed since then: feel free to check your own texts and report back! 

I also liked the discussion of exclamation marks as a sincerity marker:

Nearly everyone has struggled to figure out whether or not a received message is sarcastic. So people began using exclamation points almost as sincerity markers: “I really mean the sentence I just concluded!” (This is especially true of exclamation points used in sequence: “Are you being sarcastic?” “No!!!!!”)

Especially in medium-formal emails, I often use exclamation marks to indicate cheerfulness or lightheartedness (compare “Looking forward to meeting you!” with “Looking forward to meeting you.”). Since emoticons aren’t quite acceptable in a more formal context, I end up using exclamation marks as a substitute when I want to make sure that I’m coming off as friendly. 

A related phenomenon, I think, is the use of capitals and/or punctuation to indicate sarcasm. For example, notice the contrast between these two imagined texts: 

don’t be late
we’ve got some very important people coming

don’t be late
we’ve got some Very Important People coming

In the second one, capitalizing Very Important People when it doesn’t need to be capitalized makes the sender seem sarcastic or at least as if they’re speaking with a raised eyebrow. 

However, sometimes periods are also used for emphasis, and in combination with capitalization perhaps they cancel each other out and become sincere again. For example, I recently found myself saying the following, which is clearly sincere. 

Best. Response. Ever.

On the other hand, I’ve noticed that text messages have gotten more likely to include apostrophes and capitals for things like proper names because our phones automatically fill them in, and it would be way too much effort to take them out. (This being said, I’ve trained my phone to use lowercase “internet” and non-hyphenated “email” because using the default versions made me feel like an old fogey.)

(via kammartinez)

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November 17 2013

Rules to learning English






1. their our know rules

eye sea what yew did they’re

my eyes are burning

know know know, its eye sea watt yew did their, knot what. Due it write

eye wood dew it write butt eye dew knot wont two

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November 13 2013


October 06 2013


Amusing poster from writing.com

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September 14 2013

How and why to use 'whom' in a sentence - TheOatmeal

July 24 2013

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July 17 2013

Now why don't these exist already?
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May 21 2013




Gender neutral pronoun posters.


As a cisgendered female I'd say WHY THE HELL NOT? LEARN IT!
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April 26 2013

Please Learn This
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April 17 2013


February 08 2013

Second Graders Correct Tweets From NFL Players. I find this super cute & ironic hahaha... I hope more 2nd-graders can do this to almost everyone using Twitter.
(source: deadspin)
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January 26 2013

Gampang banget mendeteksi orang Melayu dari luar Indonesia yg sok-sok ngomong bahasa Indonesia. Saya suka sebel kalo ketemu yang kayak gitu.

1. Sok-sok pake logat Indonesia. Kalo belajarnya cuman dari sinetron/filem, belum cukup cuy. Dasar wannabe!
2. Penggunaan bahasa gaul ato kata informal bahasa Indonesia yg salah. Bahkan kata tersimpel spt 'sih', 'dong'. Taunya asal make aja.
3. Penutur wannabe bahasa Indonesia itu kalo nulis kata 'nggak' pasti cuman satu 'G'. Kata 'banget', 'E' diganti jadi 'A'. Typo 'ngak' & 'bangat' tu biasa banget kalo yg nulisnya org Melayu yg sok2 bisa bahasa Indonesia. Kecenderungan yang... Kenapa ya?
4. Mereka biasanya merasa sudah jago bahasa Indonesia cuman karna sering travel ke Indonesia.

Saya kalo ketemu temen yang sok sok ngajak bahasa Indonesia, gak bakalan saya ladenin. Lucu dengernya. Hihi. :3 So, an advice to the so-called wannabe Indonesian speakers from Malaysia/Brunei/Singapore, Kalo mau nguasain bahasa Indonesia spt yg lo tonton di filem-filem/sinetron itu, tinggal dulu 10 taun di Indonesia, so you'll understand a lil bit of history, correct usage and changes that gone through in our language. Dan, lu bakal berenti making fun dan bisa respek bahasa kami.'
Air Sunyi (VintageVienna) - an advice for the non-Indonesian Malays yang suka sok-sok ngomong Indonesia (making fun of our language).

November 09 2012



But we can do more with it!  For instance:

  • yolator-oris, m. = one who only lives once, does something irrevocably stupid
  • yolatrix-icis, f. = one who only lives once, does something irrevocably stupid
  • yolo-onis, m. = one who only lives once, does something irrevocably stupid
  • yolatrum-i, n. = thing that only lives once, does something irrevocably stupid
  • yolabulum-i, n. = thing that only lives once, does something irrevocably stupid
  • yolamen-inis, n. = thing that only lives once, does something irrevocably stupid
  • yolascere-o = to begin to only live once, do something irrevocably stupid
  • yolitare-o = to keep on only living once, doing something irrevocably stupid
  • yolesse-o = to only live once eagerly, do something irrevocably stupid eagerly
  • yolillare-o = to kinda only live once, kinda do something irrevocably stupid
  • yolaturire-io = to wish to only live once, do something irrevocably stupid
  • yolatio-onis, f. = yolation
  • yolatura-ae, f. = yolature
  • yolax-acis = tending to only live once, do something irrevocably stupid
  • yolulus-a-um = tending to only live once, do something irrevocably stupid
  • yolabilis-e = yolable
  • yolabundus-a-um = yolable
  • Yolona-ae, f. = goddess who presides over only living once, doing something irrevocably stupid


The conjugations of yolo. It had to be done.

catseamus: All hail Yolona!

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