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January 07 2020


This started as a cute Anathema x Newt comic with insecurities, reassurance & some Harry Potter references.
Initially it also has Aziraphale & Crowley sleeping on the couch cluelessly, but then I saw Enit_J’s DTIYS so I thought of doubling it as that, which explains why they’re wearing sweaters instead of their usual outfits (and I sorta swapped their positions for the *spoiler warning* plot twist)

It all ended up silly again cuz I can’t really go THAT deep 😅

December 20 2019

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Didnt even know that these two even have collective nouns

source: tonialianov
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Henlo i liek peeping (pt2)

I wanted to do a comic with these two eventually. Just a couple of bosses expresionlessly spying on their worst employees doing some fraternizin

The joke on the last panel was from a Steven Universe comic i saw once with Greg offering Pearl popcorn before it hit him. Also, Punkcorn™'s always been an inside joke i tried to slip in my comics since 2007.

Tbh idk if Beelz even eats at all, maybe they just eats whenever they wants to. & Gabe would probably open up to tasting some food, as long as they're not covered in flies.

December 12 2019

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The cast of Good Omens and their roles on a ship
feat. Biyan (Tonialianov)

December 08 2019

Henlo i liek peeping 😏

Wonder how many times have they done this to Anathema & Newt, or Shadwell & Tracy as well. Dont ask me how they dragged Warlock along.

Sketchy comic is sketchy because this comic is trash & I’m trash for coming up with the idea lol. What was I thiking, they’re CHILDREN.

November 25 2019

*demonic WAHOO noises*
*soft angelic whimpering in the background*

Perfectly.Bemused's DTIYS this time. The kick was accidental tbh, & lucky them they can just miracle the icecream back again 😌

November 16 2019

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Crowbitch and his 🖕ing 💩 up jacket

November 13 2019

Sometimes my comics started out really cliché & then ended up making absolutely no sense.

Also idk how Anathema learnt miracling, cuz im not sure if her witch powers can do *that* in the GOverse.

October 27 2019

Good Omens Chop Suey (pt2/2)

well the comic started light & kinda comedic but then Crowley & The Them decided to go EXTRA on their performance with Crowley’s dramatic singing, and the smoke & shadows & the paint bucket, heightening Aziraphale’s anxiety level cuz dude had to be dragged along with it & didnt ask to be drenched in paint, as if jumpscaring him with “DIIIIIE!!!” just isnt enough. The poor angel is theatrically tortured lol, Probably at some point he suspected that his demon & the kids are putting on a show just to prank him.
Also his bit is a nod to@millerizo.art's Inner Demons AU (or the fanart everyone seems to be drawing) which kinda reminds me of Chop Suey in the first place.

Idk what I was thinking with The Them holding up flashlights wearing robes though, but they look good alongside Crowley “mourning” his “dead” angel in the ending.

October 24 2019

Found an old Rhett and Link fanart n drew the Azirapom & Meowley version
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Has this been done yet?
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October 06 2019

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Felt like drawing a different, messier art style. One that looks like watercolor (sadly idk how to use those brushes properly)

Inspired by comics/fanart of some Good Omens AUs over here & IG, which reminded me to listen to the song again (& I did binge-listened to it at work).

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More Good Omens doodles digitized from my notebook. Feat. Oniphobia’s Meowley & Azirapom (they’re like the new Lokitty & Thorgi, i wanna see crossover art of all 4 of em together). And once I saw someone drew a wrinkly af Gabriel from the hellfire scene & couldnt stop laughing at it. I forgot who though.
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September 21 2019


September 14 2019


And here be the Good Omens Ineffable Cupcakes yay

Didn’t wanna call ‘em that at first cuz I’ve already drawn them as cakes camed Crowlcake & Aziracake, but adding “cup” behind the “cake” just makes the names sound longer :/

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September 08 2019

CrowlCake? CrowCake?
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