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May 27 2020

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 Did @scila_e_kanon 's DTIYS but the outfits are modified, I combined the original with the ones fron @gigis_lab's artwork.
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May 24 2020

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This is the reason why the Good Omens fandom feel different than the previous fandoms you've been in.

May 21 2020

gag reflex
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Last week was @Ratryoshka birthday! ❤ As a gift, they chose a birthday party with the Them, and I included Death in the scene simply because I headcanon they and Adam became friends after the Nonpocalypse (and because someone had to bring the flaming sword to the party!)
Pepper with the flaming sword, Death & The Them hanging out, I absolutely love it!!! I bet that cake's mint choc chip underneath all that icing Grinning face with smiling eyes
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May 18 2020


May 13 2020

I had to... cuz this suit was just a few retweets away from becoming a fresh meme & we all know it suits Gabe
Possibly a prologue to Puncnuq's "The Angel Wants To Try Peeing" comic series?
Written by Artbybiyan & illustrated by me

May 09 2020


April 18 2020


April 08 2020

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Food Omens

Source: Nonsensebybiyan

March 27 2020

And the sequel, with the angels as healthy food cuz in times like these we gotta remind ourselves to stay hydrated & eat better

March 25 2020


The binoculars might be a reference of the previous NSFW comic I did, & that book could be The Mediocrely-Positioned Book of Positions.

March 24 2020

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Comics that make me ask "WHY?!" but I did it anyway: this one.
Yep, i gotta say the NSFW side of the fandom has already "poisoned" me *does air quotes like Newt*.

P.s. Floppy Crowley is a mood.
P.p.s. all bets are on Anathema & Newt trying it out for themselves, only with less snaking 😏
P.p.p.s. an Instagram friend said it was punishment for anathema & newt for "borrowing" the books by "accident"

[uncensored version on my nsfw twitter]

March 17 2020


March 16 2020

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Crowley is an Effort™, says Biyan
(source: nonsensebybiyan)
T I N Y   F R E N S

Hhhhhhhh hhhh h I blame @artbybiyan/@nonsensebybiyan for this. For giving me this idea just because I jokingly told them I wanna turn conversation.jpg from that Beelzthetic pic into a comic. Tbh like i said previously i dont really ship any of the other demons (n angels) in the show cuz GDI IT'S NOT CANON, But hnghhhh i drew these two like this anyway 😅 im feelin' all kinds of wrong right now uuuuu

Also i have no idea why the tiny frens talk like that 😑

b e e l z t h e t i c

turned a receipt doodle of beelzebub into something, n for someobne who doesnt ship the other demons and angels in good omens, there's a lot of fanservice in this pic *wink wink*


I wanna Disposable Demon shimeji now... n Beelz & Dagon having some purikura fun tho.

well somebody did sent nudes...
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