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October 13 2014


Tiny little gods on the tip of your fingers, you say
Tiny Almighty Figment in your top hat?
Omnipotent, OMNI? 



I’m all eyes and ears, it’s all I wish to be. 
Just a witness to this magnificence you claim all to be 
But I see you only one piece of this speck to be

Isn’t all this so lovely? 
Creator swelling up with the dark moon’s tide
Only so far free 
Fighting one’s own blood 
Because you still don’t feel free
Because you can never be free

We are bound to all of this and all of this is bound to us

I love all your tiny little “gods” as long as…


November 05 2013



In this time of term papers I wanted to draw my patron deity, Bullshitticus, god of students and general last minute fudgery, sitting upon his Golden Futon, attended by the muses Caffeina and Thesaurae, whose powers of artificial energy and pretentious vocabulary can be invoked in case of the all-nighter.

I like to think he’s Dionysus’s second cousin or something.

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November 14 2012


August 19 2012


July 22 2012

Who's on Team Hulk?
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