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October 06 2013


July 18 2013


June 21 2013


May 19 2013

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Forms in Nature by Hilden Diaz is a light sculpture that casts shadows resembling tree branches on the surrounding walls.

Fuck the glow in the dark stars.

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January 02 2013


A striking credenza with a photorealistic luminous image of the full moon printed on its surface. The credenza is coated with ELI (Eco Light Inside, an eco-friendly material developed by designer Sotirios Papadopoulos) which creates a realistic glowing effect in the dark.

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September 22 2012


September 14 2012

glow stones mixed with pavement stones
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July 18 2012

South Korean scientists say they have cloned cats whose genes have been altered so that they glow in the dark - taking advantage of a technological twist that could someday be used to make more dramatic genetic changes in all sorts of creatures.
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July 06 2012

The photographer Matt Reinbold says: "This is just what it would look like in real life... All scorpions glow under blacklight. Combined with the ambient light in the room, this is what it looks like." Some scorpions in Utah glow a vivid green color!
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April 25 2012


April 24 2012


March 27 2012


Bioluminescence (the biological light) in the waves is the product of marine microbes called phytoplankton and now scientists think they know how some of these life-forms create their brilliant blue glow.

(via National Geographic

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September 08 2011


Owner who dyed cat pink reunited with pet after RSPCA says she didn't commit a crime

A woman who dyed her cat bright pink to match her hair will have her pet returned to her after the RSPCA decided she hadn't committed a crime. 

An officer from the animal charity will visit the cat's owner to give her a dressing down, offering welfare advice about the potential hazards and consequences of dyeing cats. 

Natasha Gregory, 22, said she dyed the naturally white cat using food colouring to match her own pink hair. 

The cat was taken into the RSPCA by a concerned man after he found it in his back garden in Swindon, Wiltshire. 

Miss Gregory, of Swindon, said she got the idea to dye the cat, called Oi! Kitty, from a US television show where people did a similar thing with dogs. 

She said: "It's my favourite colour, I love it. I've dyed my hair pink and I adore pink clothes. 

"Turning Oi! Kitty pink seemed like a good idea. I always wanted a pink animal - a bit like my hair. 

"I read the instructions on the food colouring and there was nothing that would harm humans or animals. We eat the food the dye is used on, so I knew it wasn't toxic." 

RSPCA officers have washed the cat since it was found, but its colour has only faded slightly. 

Miss Gregory contacted the RSPCA after seeing the publicity the case had received in the press and asked them to return the cat. 

An RSPCA spokeswoman said the RSPCA will be visiting Miss Gregory to give her advice on animal care. 

She added: "Following the visit, as no offence has been committed and as a vet has confirmed the cat is in good health, she will be returned to her owner."

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April 25 2011

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Ready for a thrill ride?
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Animated firefly and Arkanys by DianePhotos
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Good Ideas Glow In The Dark.
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