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November 22 2017


June 08 2015

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Nothing is more beautiful than a Warrior Woman in action.

That last gif is pure gold though. They’re military police, before they’re given permission to use a non-lethal weapon, they have to have it used against them. She’s getting tased, and her reflex was to just crush someone’s balls.

“you fight like a girl”

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January 20 2015

if someone “fights like a girl” you should be absolutely terrified of them have ever seen a girl fight they’ll rip your fucking throat out with their hands while the guys are still doing that weird cobra posturing thing for five minutes 
fiendishly-nerdy   (via signedsincerelymegan)

"teachers are told to get in between boys when they’re fighting because once they lose eye contact they’ll calm down but teachers are told to stay out of the way of girls fighting because they will fuck your shit up"

- bonesinmyblood
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January 05 2015


here for brown girls, queer girls, shy girls, bi girls, trans girls, poly girls, disabled girls, loud girls, anarchist girls, riot girls, my girls, the quiet girls - the silent girls, the heart-too-big for their body girls, demi girls, fat girls, nerdy girls, sexy girls, messy girls, can’t-cook-to-save-their-gramma girls, proud girls, masculine girls, rowdy girls, girly girls, naughty girls, angry girls, surviving/recovering girls, healing girls, don’t-need-saving girls

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December 23 2014

Grammy® Award Winning artist Laura Sullivan's composition "Wishing on a Dandelion" is from her album "Love's River" which won Best New Age Album in the 56th Grammy® Awards. 

"Wishing on a Dandelion" was inspired by Laura's wish to conceive a child, which took many years. Now her wish has come true, and she watches with love and gratitude as her daughter grows and conceives her own wishes and watches them come true.
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December 01 2014


October 31 2014


October 19 2014

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October 11 2014

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We told girls that they should be little angels.

Now we cannot stop them.

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July 16 2014

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July 08 2014

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July 06 2014


June 28 2014


March 04 2014


February 14 2014


January 24 2014

Afghani girls skateboarding + education. More at skateistan.org.
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November 21 2013

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This Awesome Ad, Set to the Beastie Boys, Is How to Get Girls to Become Engineers

GoldieBlox, Rube Goldberg, & Beastie Boys "Princess Machine" (a concert for little girls)
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November 01 2013


October 07 2013

Most guys do not have to deal with the world of women. They’re born from us, they live around us, but for the most part, we take care of our own shit. We buy our own tampons. We deal with skeevy guys who catcall us. We deal with crappier work situations. We deal with getting told we suck at things because we have a vagina, and that we need to be prettier. […]

Then, they had daughters. […]

The girl goes to school, and you watch how she’s never called on. You hear someone insult someone else by calling them ‘a girl’, and it stings. Your little girl is awesome! She’s brave and smart and funny! Why would anyone use that as an insult? Then, you remember all the times you did it.

And then, you realize that, all along, you’ve been a part of the problem.

Jezebel commentor kcunning, on the recent study showing that men with daughters and boys with sisters are more likely to show more generous, caring and gentle tendencies. (via misandry-mermaid)

It’s like when a man has a daughter he suddenly wakes up and realizes, “Oh my God, boys out there are going to treat my daughter the way I used to treat girls”. That’s why men are so protective of their daughters. They know how awful boys are because they acted the same exact way. And instead of teaching your sons not to be assholes, you hide your daughters away.

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The bolded.

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