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January 03 2013

8071 a030
Indra Emc:
Lebih tepatnya Fans JKT48 itu rata-rata ikut-ikutan euforia aja, cuma yang gue heran sama anak muda jaman sekarang, jika NKRI dimaki-maki sama orang asing mereka diam saja, agama mereka dimaki-maki mereka cuma diam saja, tapi giliran Idol pujaan mereka (baik itu artis/aktor/penyanyi/dll., gak cuma JKT 48 doang, sm*shblast dan lain sebagainya juga serupa koq) di KRITIK sedikit saja, mereka bahkan "SIAP MATI" membela idol tersebut, pantas saja ensiklopedia inggris-indonesia menterjemahkan "Idol = Berhala Sesembahan", bener kan..... karena mereka "Ngidol" secara berlebihan, padahal SEHEBAT apapun pembelaan mereka kepada Idol-Idol tersebut, si Idol-nya sendiri gak bakalan peduli amat koq :D
Had to repost cuz of this guy's epic comment.
Sometimes I don't understand why fans have to be so obsessive with a certain band/musician they love. With their idol(s). True, the word "idol" itself means "some kind of statue for worshipping" and those statues nowadays have been replaced with people who sing and have other talents, such as these musicians (especially mainstream ones).

And why is it that in these guys' eyes, other boys who don't like JKT48 automatically becomes gay? You can't judge someone's sexual orientation by the music they listen to, that's just idiotic. And I've never actually seen someone do this before. Those fangirls in deviantART who are equally obsessed with My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Green Day, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, Black Veil Brides, Aiden, etc. NEVER. EVER. called someone a lesbian just cuz she doesn't like any of those bands mentioned. Those fangirls would usually pick a fight & make fun of the haters' music preferences but I've never seen them calling other girls lesbian cuz they dont like those bands (and the members). There's a lot more hot guys than just them, and there's definitely a lot more pretty girls than just JKT48.

In short, JKT48 fanboy logic.

May 21 2012

Top: Idol Girls (China). Bottom: SNSD (S.Korea)
Good God look at all them similarities. The hairs, the outfits, the poses...
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