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September 30 2014

March 10 2014


May 28 2013



A new Togekiss gijinka! My poke waifu.

June 10 2012

Espeon & Umbreon Gijinka by Neko-Vi

September 14 2011


Femme Tentomon cosplay by Zeekayart

My cosplay plan for Tentomon for Con-G 2011.
tentomon cosplay detailed sketch. oooh i cannot wait for this to be a reality!!
I wish I could get some super green contacts for the cosplay! That’d be awesome! Here’s a sketch of my femme-tentomon cosplay face, or what I hope it’ll look like! HAH.
gijinka palmon costume design

(c) zeekayart
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September 03 2011


July 25 2011

Latios & Latias gijinka
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