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July 07 2015


Another wall of glittery SU gifs!

…I was going to wait to post this since technically there are only 8 images here instead of 10 like the last one, but that last one is the size of 3…so close enough~

Group | Garnet | Amethyst | Pearl | Steven | Rose Sugilite | Opal | Lapis | Alexandrite | Peridot | EVERYONE! | Stevonnie | Ruby | Sapphire | Jasper | Malachite | Young Gems | EVERYONE 2! | Cluster | Rainbow Quartz |

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March 23 2014

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November 07 2013

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▶ Generic Show about some Dumb Kid - 101A/B - Steven Universe


some gems

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September 15 2013


March 26 2013


2) Painite

3) Alexandrite

4) Tanazanite

5) Benitoite

6) Poudreteitte

7) Grandiderite

8) Musgravite

9) Jeremejevite

10) Red Beryl.


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September 02 2012






This ring features a complete band of Gibeon Meteorite framed and mounted in an 18k gold band. The meteorite has been etched with nitric acid to reveal the characteristic patterns, or Widmanstatten figures, of iron meteorites, and set with 9 gemstones representing the planets of our Solar System. Mercury is represented by a rust colored Sapphire, Venus a golden Sapphire, Earth an irradiated blue Diamond, Mars a Ruby, Jupiter an Opal, Saturn a Cats Eye Chrysoberyl with an inlaid 24k gold ring, Uranus a green Sapphire, Neptune a blue Sapphire and Pluto a black Diamond. What really makes this ring special is that the band of meteorite spins independent of the gold ring, so when it is on, the planets rotate around the wearer’s finger.


Can we just discuss how Pluto is on this ring?

I don’t care if it says it’s for men, this is going to be my wedding ring

Oh, wow. 

(via that-crap-persona-you-never-use)

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May 17 2012



When you first become an artist, you’re like that rock. You’re in a raw, unnatural state, with hidden gems inside. You need to dig down deep and find the emeralds tucked away inside you. And that’s just the beginning. Once you’ve found your gems, you have to polish them. It takes a lot of hard work.

TRUFAX. One of the most memorable quotes ever. And a life lesson.
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