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May 15 2012

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In the future.
You chicks in the bar, all of you should get this app.
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May 01 2012

Art styles & visions throughout your life
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April 20 2012

Quit judging me, trash can!

Intrepid Michigan Tween Restores Her Own Future Car

Meet Kathryn, who is disassembling the driver’s seat track, rebuilding visors, drilling out door rivets, scrubbing wheel wells and replacing suspension bushings ... all while taking a break from soccer. Her dad, who posts about their project on a Fiero forum under the name Michhiker, is proudly sharing her progress and DIY attitude as she restores the car in her uncle’s barn. I won't add to the the OMG-she's-a-girl narrative here, but suffice to say a lot of people on the forum seem pretty impressed, even wistful that their sons are not as handy.

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March 17 2012


February 29 2012

Damn tricky muggles!
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February 13 2012

Killjoys - The Future Is Terrifying by Ryuuenx
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January 17 2012

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November 22 2011

Imagine a city of the future where skateboards are used as the primary form of transportation and recreation – in and out of your home. A utopia city for skateboarders would mean that a skateable path, like a ribbon connecting everything together, links each building in an unending ability to keep in motion on your board. The PAS House takes this concept and brings it to life through an architectural project mixing a modern single family home with a skateboard ramp structure – all from an environmentally-driven perspective.

October 12 2011

breath the future by wilson-naraku
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August 18 2011

The future of the book (c) IDEO
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February 02 2011

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