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May 15 2013

Ni juu ni sai, ni juu ni, ni juu ni, ni juu ni,
Ore wa, ore ni juu ni sai furisodeshon.

HA I'm basically 15
Just because it's my birthday today. Also, I never actually thought the theme's gonna be Furisodeshon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu watch the music video to get the reference

January 20 2013


Kyary drunk as f*ck in her birthday music video

(via armaklein)

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(Source: elgog)


I love it c:

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Music video [X]
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January 17 2013

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hifumim - ふりそでーしょん踊ってみた

This adorable little girl is back with another dance cover! Enjoy :)

OMG THIS KID RIGHT HERE. I wonder if she's gonna end up in the Ellen show and she could bring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & scare the living nbajillingers out of her XD She could be like the new Sophia Grace and Rosie. Srsly.

btw it's a cover of this song
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