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November 16 2013

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Loki’s Childhood  ღ˘⌣˘ღ

Wondering what it will look like if I compiled my fanart chronologically

I have so many more I want to draw….:OOOO

I might draw something like this but with Razia's Shadow someday
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December 28 2012




Meet the Odd Family of Asgard!

Father Thor, Mother Loki, their son Erik, daughter Valki, son Ragni and bizarre cat Sven

OMG!!! I did not see this! XD It’s so cute, darling! 

This is goin in mah faveseseses
The kids. The cuddliness omfg and Sven holyshit


Look in my heart and let love keep us together

kuuuuuu <333333333333


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October 29 2012



Odin: “Thor, can we not do this EVERY morning?!”

Sorry Odin, but Thor does not appreciate your efforts to make him clean. >_>

Frigga: “Aw, I love mornings. Don’t you dear?”

Odin: “…We are getting a nanny. NOW.”

Frigga: X3

I still have all these Asgard family feeeeeliiings….

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October 14 2012

Family moment
How cute is baby Loki???
Too adorable and I wanna sniff both their hairs.
Source: cray0205
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September 02 2012

A collection of norse!Loki being a little shit.

(stuff was changed around a bit. all of it is explained on the dA page.)
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August 30 2012



a thought for their beloved mother:
A beautiful bouquet of flowers by the tidy and clean Loki..
2 daisies, grass, soil and roots by the muddy and smelly Thor..

Thor please…LOL

This isn't May 9th or December 22nd, but I'd say Happy Mothers Day anyway just to go together with this pic.
Loki is one neat motherfucker
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August 26 2012




My favourite character after watching Avengers was Loki, and I was apathetic about Thor. My friends suggested I watch Thor, which I hadn’t seen at the time, because Loki was supposedly more dignified in it.

I gotta say though, now having seen Thor a few times, I like Thor a lot more and Loki a lot less..


Next thing you know Thor falls
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