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February 26 2014

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February 15 2014


January 16 2014

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▶ Foster The People - Coming of Age (Mural Time-Lapse)
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September 06 2013

my favrout bands and artists hope u enjoy them :P
Only some of my favorite bands, or bands I like with awesome songs >:]

August 29 2013

Ruby - Foster The People

First time I heard this song I was carried away... and awestruck. Usually Foster The People made upbeat songs like almost everything in their album Torches. This is just... this has a different tone & feel, all mellow, slow and sad.

Judging by the lyrics it could be about a single mother with multiple jobs and never getting to rest, and is at a sad state of her life. And this guy just wants to cheer her up or something.

April 26 2013

March 02 2013

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Foster the People - Houdini (in LEGO)
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October 19 2012

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I'm SERIOUSLY gonna kill this person for accusing Foster The People of copying T&S. THEY'RE MUTHAFUGGIN' FOSTER THE PEOPLE.
Methinks it's just a coincidence, or the other way round, Tegan and Sara are ripping off Foster The People for this, but no one can be so sure.

August 16 2012

If you could dream one thing about Foster The People, how would the story go?

The dream starts when I just bought a new pair of green hot pants for no reason. Said hot pants has an "I DO WHAT I WANT" writing on its left butt cheek. Suddenly a talking dog asked me to follow him to the men's bathroom for no reason. I followed him anyway and ended up in one of the cubicles. I got out and checked my face on the mirror, washed my hands & suddenly wearing the green hot pants I just bought. The dog transformed into Cubbie Fink, suddenly on the front door, laughing & snorting & said "Nice ass, GOD of PRANKS!" I got embarassed & ran back towards the cubicle, but it wasnt empty anymore. Instead, there he was, Mark Foster, taking a massive dump. His pants was down & he was wearing only socks on his feet. I grabbed the hose next to him & suddenly changed into a golden scepter. I blasted open a hole in the wall and escaped the men's bathroom through it but Mark Foster (now with pants) & Cubbie Fink were blocking me, along with Mark Pontius now. They tried smashing me with their keyboard, guitar, & drums and I blocked them with my scepter... which turned into a huge chicken drumstick. And then I said "hey boys, I cant finish this alone, let's eat!" & Mark Pontuis was like "GERONIMOOOO" & nommed the first bite. Then the four of us ate the chicken & got fat & burped. The end.

August 01 2012

July 07 2012

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks animation

April 27 2012

April 26 2012


April 02 2012

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