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October 01 2014


November 07 2012

Poke a Deux by byona

Songs listed:
1. Disloyal Order of Water Miltanks
2. I Don't Care
3. She's my Gardevoir
4. America's Gallades
5. Headfirst Rock Slide 
6. The (Shipped) Golduck Standard
7. (Poffin's for Contests)
8. What a Catch, Trainer
9. #027 (originally was called "493")
10. Tiffany (Sa)Bleyes
11. West Coast Koffing
12. 20 Dollars Night Slash
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September 24 2011

Pre-sleep thought about FOB n their Folie a Deux characters - 25-12-2014

Name: Andy Hurley

Character: Donnie the Catcher
judging by his face Andy sorta looks like a Donnie... a Don... or. a Donald. i kinda felt like if he wasnt named Andrew he would be named Don instead

name: Joe Trohman
character: Mr Horseshoe Crab
a name that sounds close to Horseshoe is probably Herschel. weirdly Joe doesnt look like a Herschel at all. to me if he wasnt a Joseph, he would be closer to a Trevor than a Herschel

name: Patrick Stump
character: Dr Benzedrine
Benzedrine kinda sounds close to either of the Bens, Benedict or Benjamin. I felt lime if Patrick poses in some ways, he'd look likr a Benedict, but in other ways, he would look like a Benjamin.

name: Pete Wentz
character: The Sandman
Thinking up of a name close to Sandman idk why Sanderson popped up, n Pete kinda does look a little bit like a Sanderson. and then Sandro comes up. nope, Pete doesnt look like a Sandro at all.

if you got different opinions feel free to tell me.

September 11 2011

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