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January 23 2015

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the future is now

what the fuck. what the fuck how. how the hell.

"how the hell" is the fact that flight paths are ENTIRELY PRE-PROGRAMMED AND SCHEDULED. This is trivial.

"Technology has gotten so precise that it is possible to sync the image on an enormous video screen with the movements of an actual, real life, giant flying machine carrying hundreds of human beings thousands of meters up into the air. This is trivial."

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December 02 2014

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October 30 2013

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Alex Hall - Relativity. Oil on panel

September 10 2013


June 21 2013


November 05 2012

We can make Mars like Earth and live there. On a new planet. We can rocket to another world and build. Cities. Other rocket ships. We’ll— are you listening to me? Are you hearing the words that I’m saying? Why are you not excited about this?

What I have discovered is: ... The philosophical root of objection to Mars is not concerned with Mars at all. People who stand opposed to Mars think we sort of suck.

A love of Mars is a belief in humanity’s potential, and destiny. ... We may think people are good or [not], but we uniformly believe that people have the potential to be amazing. We tend to forgive ourselves our distant pasts completely, to only concern ourselves with the present occasionally, and to dream about the future relentlessly.

This is the story that Icarus told and the Wright Brothers fixed. We may not be a creature made to fly, but we are something far greater. We are a creature made to dream. We are a creature made to become whatever we want to become. ... We have work to do.
On Being Martian | Michael Solana (via enki)
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September 22 2012

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August 18 2012

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July 20 2012


May 03 2012



Little Shining Man is a sculpture that has the potential for flight. 
The design of the structure is based around the tetra kites of Alexander Graham Bell, multiplied out into colliding cubes that take their form from the cubic formations of the mineral Pyrite. A double wing module has been duplicated and arranged into a tight cellular structural arrangement that appears as a heavy, un-flyable mass. Utilising lightweight materials and the symmetry of the module and composition, it is able to fly freely and steadily. 
The kite flown in the images is one section of an arrangement of three, that come together to create the final piece of sculpture that is taken own from display once a year to be flown in St. Aubin’s Bay.
There were several challenges in realising Little Shining Man. The structure had to be as strong and light as possible in order to fly, but had to return to earth with minimal damage so it could be installed as a piece of sculpture. Carbon fibre rod and Cuben fibre, a hand made composite fabric used primarily in racing yacht sails, achieved the perfect combination of strength and weight. The visual impact of the fabric produces an ethereal sense of depth and refraction that gives the heavy mass the lightest touch.

+ Heather and Ivan Morison

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April 08 2012

Hot Air Balloon parade
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February 09 2012

take me away from here
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October 14 2011

"Mama I'm Coming Home"

October 01 2011

Chapter 1

September 18 2011

As usual this dream is divided into 2-3 storylines, each progressing alternatingly.

One dream goes like I was watching two sinetrons all at once on the tv. Don't know why, cuz I usually hate watching drama, but for some reason, it got me interested cuz one sinetron has a "red aura" and another one has a "blue aura", and both of them are sort of connected in a way. The characters and storyline are all connected. The red aura sinetron is dark, deep, angsty and romantic with lots of violence and betrayal, and the blue aura sinetron has a chill & more calmer tone, and hilariously comedic.

The other story of this dream went like, the family and I flew to a bunch of European countries where we eat fruits from different gardens & collect a bunch of different seeds, and then fly back to Indonsia and try to plant these seeds in our backyard as much as possible, enriching the plants' variation in the country. Somehow I got quite famous with the neighborhood's kids, and one of them has a huge garden in their backyard so we planted the seeds of the European fruits there instead.
The weird thing is, after a just day of planting them, the next day the plants shoot up in bushes, already bearing bunches of fruits. All of us made this a mission to spreading these fruits across the world, so we flew to different places, found different gardens and replanted these seeds, then took other fruits and planted their seeds back home & somewhere else. Who knows how we could afford all the flight tickets. We're probably paid to spread the seeds all around the world.

And a sort of blurry third storyline depicts cartoon characters traveling in different dimensions, on a spaceship, ending up in unlucky places & being attacked by monsters and such. They sorta resemble the planeteers from Captain Planet, and maybe their storyline has something to do with the second storyline.

February 07 2011

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