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January 14 2014

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Can we just appreciate the fact that he totally sounds like all of us would be if someone were to permanently tattoo our names on parts of their body? The fluctuating tones of randomness are strong within this one.
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January 31 2013

But copycats also have a way of flattering people who take it differently. You should feel good that you are talented and popular enough to actually have copycats...not saying theyre a good thing though.
— ~Thavron0112

These words. They're really true. Think about it, copiers only copy the best and whom they think are attractive to them. Either that, or I'm just dedicated to this stupid job playing dare n daring myself to copy attractive arts, which is really idiotic. I dunno why some people just got that style of art that create urges in people to do the same thing. They also wanna try doing that. Juz trying, even if it means getting busted.

Not all copycats are annoying. Yeah most of them are, but they have this pure weapon of flattery they use to attack other artists so they'd feel flattered. But this so-called purity has always been damaged by extreme annoyingness, outnumbering, maybe even taking control. Yep unfortunately these copiers can't learn to stop their habits, but oh well soon enough they will n become great artists. p.s. we give credit. If someone doesn't give credit then it's plagiarism, its bad, it's stealing art.

June 17 2012

Reaction to Tylon's journal: Is Copying Flattering or Competing?

Well to start off, to me, copying is sometimes a mix of flattering and competing, but it's usually just to satisfy the copier's needs, to calm down the urge that they need to accomplish, and it's usually because of one thing: envy.
People who copy just to quench their jealousy are obsessive-competitive. In most cases, usually the process goes like this: They find a person whom skill they admire, try to copy what they do just to learn, and say that they're inspired by the original artist and that's flattery. But if the copier can't control this copying addiction and starts to copy more and more of the original artist's work, they start to subconsciously make said original artist their "main copying victim" and in the copycat world, if your victim did something really awesometastic that you can't compare to, you get dissatisfied and can't hold your envy until you make something exactly the same as their work, maybe even better. That's when the obsessive-competitive stage kicks in. The competitiveness will start eating the flattery away.

This sort of recently happened to a new local girlband I know who has constant "similarities" with a well-known international girlband, genre & fashion sense & all. And has been pointed by the fans that the local girlband is commiting plagiarism.
wow, after years of being a copycat I can't believe I'm writing this analysis here

But this person, I have no idea what they're trying to do. I've never heard of someone actually daring enough to rebrand your brands & affilate everything with you & use your name. I think they're letting you down, trying to frame you & make you look bad. This could also be due to jealousy too. They'd do anything to make you look bad in their eyes. Obsessive-competitiveness isn't just about copying though.
And impersonating as a professional? *snortlaughs* in their dreams.
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