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April 01 2014


April 17 2013

I dont know who drew this but Flame Princess looks just about dashing in this pic
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March 10 2013


Adventure Time 30 Day Challenge - Day 21: Favorite moment


My Favorite AT moment is…

Flame Princess’s action in Vault of Bones

I gotta love her action in this episode, she’s so total BADASS!!! She’s so destructive which is why love her. :3 She saved Finn from a giant Goo Skull. And she called Finn “her boyfriend” Awww 
Flame Princess ROCKS!!!

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March 01 2013


And now for some Finn & Flame Princess moment



“Finn, I’m not having any fun.”

“What? Why?”

“Well, you keep wanting me to do things your way…”

I made more gifs for this set, but apparently they were just too big for Tumblr to handle.

I loved this little scene so much for so many reasons. F.P.’s never been in a dungeon before so she’s just been following Finn’s lead. Finn’s a pro at this dungeon-crawling stuff, and he’s having so much fun that he doesn’t even consider that F.P. might feel otherwise until she finally speaks up. I think she was reluctant to tell Finn she didn’t like doing things his way because of the whole Evil thing, and she doesn’t want to be Evil. Finn is the only example F.P. has for what Good is, so she lets him take the lead in the dungeon adventure and doesn’t tell him she’s bored. And being the sweet girlfriend she is, she tries not to complain because it might hurt his feelings and he’s having so much fun. When she finally tells him, she does it in a surprisingly calm, polite way for a girl who was just attacked by a creepy skeleton thing. And it reminds Finn of why he wanted to take F.P. to a dungeon in the first place: To make her feel better and not worry so much over the chance that she might actually be Evil. Thus he lets her take charge and do her own thing, because he’s a great boyfriend and wants his girlfriend to be happy. Rock on, Finn.

I’m constantly impressed by how “Adventure Time” handles romantic relationships for a cartoon supposedly aimed at children, and I like Finn and F.P. as a couple more every time I see them together. They’re just so genuine and their feelings are so sincere. Everything they do together just seems exactly like what a couple of innocent, awkward, thirteen-year-old kids would do. They both really like each other, and they’re both trying their best to make their unlikely romance work. Finn’s been in love before, but F.P. is his first real girlfriend. And for all we know, Finn might be the first person F.P.’s ever been in love with. So they’re both new to all this, they make mistakes and they hurt each other sometimes (both metaphorically and literally), but they both mean well and care about each other enough to work things out and keep trying.

I really hope this relationship works out. And I hope it helps people realize that happy couples can be just as entertaining as unrequited crushes and/or love triangles.


Is it an “evil” farmer’s market?

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A lot of times, you can overpower these guys with confidence.


This episode was awesome. More “Battle Couple” Finn and F.P., please.

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Just dungeon crawlin’


In response to this post, i have made a transparent version. enjoy the righteous flame!


In response to this post, I have made a transparent version. Enjoy the Righteous Flame!

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December 04 2012

That's it... that's it... NOW KISS.

December 02 2012


October 23 2012


August 22 2012



In which Lady Rainicorn, Jake, Finn & Flame Princess go on a double date. :3

This is a cropped version to make it fit on tumblr better..

FFFFFFFFFF so cute omg

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August 09 2012

6020 2954
Foil hug
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May 02 2012

8522 2266
Flame Princess vs Ice Queen by Yamino
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February 25 2012

AT - Flame Princess & Flame Prince
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Flame Princess & Flame Prince
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