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December 23 2019


December 20 2019

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Took the Which Umbrella Academy Character Are You quiz n got Five. Ive always felt im more of a Vanya tbh
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October 12 2019


October 06 2019

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Once i saw the quote by @burningladyontheceiling but they’re not there anymore. there’s still @mindlesslittlefreak‘s similar quote

My fave bit has to be Klaus’ face in the last panel

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May 02 2019

Someone on Tumblr asked me to do this...
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April 27 2019

And then Vanya goes on destroying the wolrd & blowing up everybody in sight, including her protection squad brothers 😆
Couldnt resist digitizing this doodle cuz if I havent said it enough, Vanya deserves a lot better.

Allison n Luther would be the Vanya Care Squad (but Luther wont do a good job after locking her up n stuff
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00.05 ☕ The Boy ☕ Five

And the award for the least changes made goes to... old man-boy time teleporter right here who puts the "sass" in "assassin". He sits right up there with ouija boi, knife boi & bentacle boi being mostly everyone's favorite characters.
All that sass, coffee & murderous intentions & determination to save the world, surpressed in one small body. Can you even imagine. 
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The crossover we didnt think we need...
Btw someone needs to do a fanart of the Hargreeves Kids as Pokemon trainers, n what pokemon they'd own. Im not that big of a fan so idk the new ones except the starters.

March 27 2019

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What kind of animals would the other Hargreeves kids be? According to some posts in Tumblr, Vanya would be a penguin (social anxiety & looks good in suits), Ben's an octopus for obvious reasons, Luther's a monkey/gorilla also for obvious reasons (n a bear fits him too). Allison's a fox, & though his nickname suggest that he should be a squid, I kinda want Diego to be a sabertooth tiger just like the Diego from Ice Age. & anything that's soft, cute & fluffy would fit Klaus just fine.

March 24 2019

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