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July 09 2015

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this is such a #look

when u wanna be a mysterious spirit but u a hoe at the same time 

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July 05 2015


September 19 2013

Fishnets and Pinstripes
And here it is, the final product. I honestly don't know why I made the shadows look like that.

As I said previously, I got the idea when my siblings were watching the Goofy Goober part in Spongebob Squarepants the movie. And this piece was an excuse for me to practice depth in shading & highlighting, though I dont think I made a big difference.

WIP: chocoreaper.deviantart.com/art…

September 16 2013

fishnets step-by-step-WIP
ok so maybe this isn't exactly step-by-step, I was just showing the WIPs.
The bottom half of this pic is just background change

separate WIPs:

And once again I cant get the facial features right & he looks like someone else.
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I probably will change the background after this
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Fishnets + pinstripes = a total bitch to draw

September 15 2013

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Coloring in the meantime... and I love how the hair turns out

September 11 2013

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yay for messy fishnets... and also, his eyes.
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