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June 08 2015

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Nothing is more beautiful than a Warrior Woman in action.

That last gif is pure gold though. They’re military police, before they’re given permission to use a non-lethal weapon, they have to have it used against them. She’s getting tased, and her reflex was to just crush someone’s balls.

“you fight like a girl”

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March 01 2015

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something i realized recently just last year when i watched Asia's Next Top Model S2

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April 27 2014


January 29 2014

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Tina had a dream of us having a sleepover and being attacked by a bully

January 11 2014



Cat vs. The Paper Army


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January 09 2014

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I will reblog this until the stars burn out……

white people are very brave when it comes to terrorizing black children who do not have the power to fight back. and are very surprise when someone comes to their defense.

I will reblog until I die.

little shit was probably running his mouth

Well what do you know, criminalizing a small Black child with no logical backing to, how original of you.

Even if the kid WAS talkin shit, how the fuck does that:

A) Give a stranger the right to KICK him

B) stop adults from being grown ass adults and, YOU KNOW, being in control of their ~feelings~ when a little ass CHILD is back talking you.





And this fuck ass is trying to talk about this kid “running his mouth?”

Grown adults shouldn’t be hurting little kids, even if the kid possibly said something rude (well darn, that’s a thing fucking kids do). 

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November 02 2013



19 Tips For Fighting Like a Girl. You say that like it’s a bad thing!

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January 31 2013

But You Like Really Got Into A Fight Over a Parking Spot?
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January 28 2013


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January 27 2013





When in doubt, use book titles as your argument weapon.

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January 15 2013

Apply cold water to burn
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August 05 2012


Um excuse me but what exactly are they doing?
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June 05 2012

For the girls who are fighting cancer
(If the princesses are on chemo, then why do they still have eyebrows?)
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May 19 2012

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Getting the war on
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May 01 2012



this is what i want to do to everyone at school

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April 14 2012


You know you're forever alone when...

You watch WAAAAAY too much awesome fighting animes and where comes the scene where one of the character died in an awesome battle and all his/her friends cried upon the character’s death…. you cried…. so hard….. or in silent

…… You know you need your gang back in your life
I don't mind being forever alone actually. Hey, no naggy boyfriend! And you can PLAY ALL THE GAMES & WATCH ALL THE LIVE ROCK SHOWS & LISTEN TO ALL THE MUSIC!

April 05 2012

Play fullscreen
This is so old, how come I haven't seen it before?
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October 20 2011

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Pallis: He's MAI BRUTHUR!
Anhura: but he's MAI BOIFRANDD!
Adakias: NUUUUUU~

September 17 2011

Dream 10-6-2014

The dream was about this moth girl. She met this guy in his house n he fell for her despite her moth-ish quirks (she looks human but she can grow wings n extra legs n fuzzy skin n antennas. Oh n her mouth can elongate too like a butterfly).
This boy is always bullied at school, despite having a bunch of friends, he thought he might take her to school with him since she's strong. He taught her how to act human, be normal n blend in while she taught him basic fighting skills. His friends really liked the moth girl when he introduced her to them.
One evening they were invited to a party n it's at the teenage bully's house (he was very rich, so a lot of pompous guests arrived n the boy n moth girl had to wear formalwear).
Hours within the party the moth girl got bored n played outside while the boy stays in. Sadly he was being interrogated by adults, n the bully guy invites him to go upstairs n meet his crew as if theyre inviting him to be a member or smthn. The boy had a bad feeling about this but he's too scared to reject the offer.

Meanwhile the moth girl was playing outside n she was stopped by a gang of seniors (the bully's friends) n they planned to beat her up there cuz she's a freak, but she's strong so she fought back. Turns out she has a bunch of freaky friends too (different animal morphs) who were hiding in the background, n they helped her fight off these bullies. Later it all became a game of tag as the senior bullies try to search for the moth girl n her friends, but they pranked the hell out of the bullies everytime. They really caught them at the neighboring house's porch.

The moth girl thanked her friends, but she needs to save the boy so she told them she needs to go inside the big house n do this alone. Her friends cheered for her.

Inside the room where the boy is brought, he is sorta tied up and the bully and some of his friends (who werent outside) was threatening him or something. The moth girl sneaks in n apeared suddenly behind the bully, pushing him on the wooden table. She then freed the boy n when the bully noticed this he came to swat the moth girl n beat her up instead, but her mouth suddenly elongated, pushing his fist away n she punched him. She then told the boy to "remember what I've taught you all this while" n the boy cracks his fists n began physically hurting the bully badly, and all the tormented victims in the room cheered for the boy.

After everyone cheered the bully, all bloody and bruised, realized his right arm was broken so he ripped his shirt off n used it as a cast. He didnt go back to his room after that. He went out in broad daylight to a much poorer house, to seek medical help from his mom (turns out his parents are divorced n his dad was the rich one). His mom works as a nurse or medic, n how i remembered the ending was weird, it's as if his clothes went less and less as he walked home n when he panicked and asked his mom "whats going on? Whats happening to me?" he was completely naked while lying in the clinic bed.

August 21 2011

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