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June 10 2015

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Hey guys this is just a friendly daily reminder :

ive havent seen any posts about ferguson lately and this aint okay

January 06 2015


Please do NOT forget Ferguson

Do NOT forget Palestine

Do NOT forget Gaza

Do NOT forget Hong Kong

Do NOT forget Mexico

Do NOT forget the suffering of people around the world. Do NOT forget the injustice around the world. Do NOT forget the imbalance in this world.

Resistance isn’t a crime.

Murder is a crime.

Occupation is a crime

Free Ferguson, Free Palestine, Free Gaza, Free Hong Kong, Free Mexico. Free the world from injustice and impurity.

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December 06 2014



I can’t wait to discuss Ferguson over the dinner table this thanksgiving. I’m ready to shoot down all my Wilson supporting family members with a mile long speech. 

In fact, here’s an entire masterpost I made of points and evidence you can use to destroy Wilson supporting family members. Enjoy


I’m so fucking livid right now.

My mother just told me that she thought the cop who killed Michael Brown did the right thing. That Michael Brown, quote, “provoked the officer”.

I just about flew off the handle.

Do me a huge favor tumblr. Send me links. Send me any and all information so I can slam the evidence in my mother’s face how fucking wrong she is.

Michael Brown was innocent.

Ferguson Donation Masterpost


i’ve seen a lot of donation links going around, but no compilation, so here’s all i could find:

November 29 2014


November 25 2014


May 05 2012

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