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January 15 2015

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December 09 2014



Gene Belcher - Feminist

The most perfect feminist ever

I relate to Gene mostly cuz of the musical stuff & gender-bending occasionally. And THIS.

also i dont get the glass ceiling thing tbh

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August 03 2012

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Feminism vs Sexism: The Difference
(via 9GAG)
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June 22 2012


Feminism is not about choice – at least not insofar as it’s about saying “Any choice women make is a feminist one and so we can’t criticize or judge it.” Feminism isn’t about creating non-judgmental happy-rainbow enclaves where women can do whatever they want without criticism. Feminism is about achieving social, economic and political equality for all people, regardless of gender. It’s not about making every woman feel good about whatever she does, or treating women like delicate hot-house flowers who can’t be criticized.

Jill Filipovic at Feministe (via the-proud-sinner)

“It’s not about making every woman feel good about whatever she does”

this a million times!not every action you do is a feminist act, and you are not exempt from legitimate criticism of these acts.

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May 29 2012




Fuck Yeah Feminist Thor. 

Feminist Thor should totally be a thing.

What is she talking about? The women on earth know their place; they're MARINES. WARRIORS. SOLDIERS. 'nuff said. The way I see it it's the men who don't seem to know theirs.

On the other hand, lets all root for Thor here. And TAKE ME TO ASGARD.
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July 26 2011

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