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January 27 2015



Best. Book. Review. Ever.


Most honest book review ever.

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July 12 2013

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July 07 2013

What’s your favorite seafood?

all of it. i'm a huge fan of seafood

November 29 2012

Interviewer: What is your favorite word?
Thomas Dutton:
 Word, that's interesting. I don't know. People always ask me what my favorite swear word is, I know that one. Would it be really corny to say love?
 I don't know, it might be.
Thomas Dutton:
 Okay, well, I'll go with love then.

October 03 2012

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First of all, I'm feelin' the love, let me hug you to pieces.
Secondly, I'm not sure what to answer, since I have a lot of favorite bands (including Blink-182, Linkin Park, Panic! At The Disco, Kings of Convenience, & 30 Seconds To Mars to name a few) and my favorites change from time to time and so are any band's music, so I still can't really answer that.
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August 11 2012

July 07 2012


May 21 2012




Fun fact time: many of my old acquaintances still make joking comments whenever they see me wearing pink, because as a child (and honestly pretty much right up to high school) I would refuse to associate with any pink objects. 

It wasn’t because I didn’t like pink, it was because since I appeared female I was supposed to/ it was immediately assumed that I did and therefore it pissed me the ever-loving fuck off. I was ashamed to like it, which is terrible because pink is an awesome color. But when you shove it down young girls throats it gets really old, really fast. 

Give the child the fucking rainbow, and if they pick pink, it’s not because they are female and/or effeminate, it’s becausethey like the color pink. 

It’s kind of amazing as I consider myself an open minded, fuck-the-rules type of guy, but I, too, seem to be culturally brainwashed to be a male who never uses the color pink.  It’s one of those, “there are some things that as a man you just don’t do” type of things.

I suppose that if it were a more important issue I would make a conscious effort to change it internally, but with all the things on my plate and with all the things currently wrong with the world, sexual bias against the color pink does not loom very large on my radar right now.  ~ Steve

It's like saying that grey is for guys. I wouldn't say blue, cuz even though blue is for boys as pink is for girls, a lot of girls love blue & that's totally trufax.
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May 13 2012


April 07 2012


March 24 2012


March 22 2012

A rainbow of insecurity
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February 22 2012


February 04 2012

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December 12 2011

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Halloween Costumes – Pop Culture Favorites
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December 06 2011

What your favorite map projection said about you
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November 22 2011


you know you’re old when….

the dog who played the cute adventurer in your favourite show has been dead for 10 years now .__.

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November 16 2011

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March 24 2011

Oh hey, it really works!
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