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October 09 2013

Who was the last person you gave a gift to?

some of my friends, via email. if youre asking about an actual holdable gift i'd say @thisisfreda cuz i just mailed her an Iron Man shirt

August 05 2013

Gift for Fareedamatt
Truth is when I saw RandomPanic's Gift For Putrithewicked during 2008 (back when I met Fareda) I kinda wanna draw the same picture as this for her. As a motivator, seeing that she had problems with her life that time.

I never got the time to do it though. Until now. I feel so ashamed that this turned out obviously similar, coloring techniques and holes and swirls and all.

February 09 2011

February 07 2011

for ~DarkPurpleCyanide (Feb 5th, turned 20 yrs old) & ~fareedamatt (Feb 9th, turned 25 yrs old) HARHARHAR MAI FELLOW KILLJOYS. Have a happy happy birthday I wish i can make that cake for real. And...
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