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January 11 2015


my fanart & fancomics got in Razia's Shadow official website, and they cover most of the area!

October 24 2014


July 27 2014


July 19 2014


July 15 2014


February 14 2014


January 19 2014


January 10 2014

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Wolverine is the Best Disney Princess is an art project commissioned and curated by David J Prokopetz

Fabulous costume designs!

Now totally picturing Hugh “Song And Dance” Jackman in these pretty Disney frocks!

1. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Larbesta (larbestaaargh.tumblr.com)
2. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Katie Longua (http://klongua.com/post/72021752538/3-prokopetz-wolverine-is-the-best-disney)
3. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by breadsports (http://hotrodsfromheck.tumblr.com/)
4. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Suzi Eberhar
5. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Andarix (andarix.tumblr.com)
6. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Clawfoot Tub (http://clawfoottub.tumblr.com/)
7. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Sehn (http://deadlypair.wix.com/deadlyduo)
8. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Bitley (bitley.tumblr.com)
9. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Sasha (http://edwardkenway.tk/)
10. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Strampunk (http://steampunk-girl.deviantart.com/)

Gallery 1 

Gallery 2

Via @ComicAlliance.

oh dear god, this is perfect

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August 19 2013


starting up on requests again, staring with this one

and when you said draw i do hope you meant actually draw like this, not like make little icons for, because those are already done.

i dont  have an excuse, i just really wanted to draw Laney in a dress

July 09 2013



depravity falls is way too much fun

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May 20 2013



Moon Moon fan art. o v o;

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May 03 2013

Hey Arnold all grown up. I dont know who drew this though
They all turned out great & Harold probably already got the job at Green Meat
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April 25 2013

I used to love Weebl’s website a lot in college, and I adore Shmorky’s stuff, so of course I drew Business Cat fanart! What a perfect and adorable animation!!

April 17 2013

I dont know who drew this but Flame Princess looks just about dashing in this pic
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March 11 2013



I drew some of my favorite screencaps. They’re… Really bad..

I think I’ve finally gotten Bad little Boy out of my system………

Marcy and Marsh with their bat faces.

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February 28 2013



Bad Little Boy…that’s what you’re acting like. I don’t really buy…that you’re that kind of guy and if you are…why do you wanna hang out with me?

Loved this episode. SO my little tribute when I should be studying. Thanks Adventure Time! XD

Excuse me but WHO DREW THIS AWESOMESAUCE BUTTLOAD OF AWESOMENESS I'd print this and hang it up my wall forever cuz come on this is Imagine Dragons drawn Scott Pilgrim style ok

I'm just gonna die right here thanks
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January 27 2013




also, deedee and dexter ´w`

so much dexter fanart lately

(via penguin-circus)

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January 26 2013

This is a fan art by Tom Waterhouse of the fictional characters Bub and Bob from the Puzzle Bobble / Bust A Move  puzzle game series by Taito
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