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November 12 2014


October 09 2014

Inktober day 7: just practicing drawing myself in various art styles... and hairstyles (except for the bald one). Going back to old school Chocoreaper & eating the brains of whomever I envy.

Gravity Falls style ftw
Done in black ballpoint pen, eventhough my phone camera makes it look like it's done in pencil

February 17 2014

October 20 2012

Slenderman's still got more facial expressions than K-Stew.
(via SMOSH)
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October 04 2012

how was your day?

separated pics of Loki's expression. Haven't found Thor's yet. This should be a theme in IRateMyDay.

May 01 2012


August 15 2011


August 13 2011

Hefev by Q-pon
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August 07 2011

6369 995a 500
Mister FAIL plz by chillyfranco
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