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May 27 2015



apparently nasa confirmed there’s an ocean on one of Jupiter’s moons 

say it with me kids: space mermaids

Okay, this brought out my inner astronomy nerd, hold onto your hats, folks.

The moon is called Europa, and it doesn’t have just an ocean. It is completely covered in water with a mile-thick sheet of ice over the top

Now we know that the ice has water under it because once in a while, massive fucking geysers shoot water up into space.

Now this brings up an interesting question about Europa: How in the fuck can the water stay warm enough to be liquid if there’s a mile-thick sheet of ice on top of it? 

And the theorized answer is: Europa has a core that is warm like our own. And it has undersea hydrothermal vents that are causing the geysers.

Now this would keep the water at above-freezing temperatures, and if the hydrothermal vents on Europa act anything like the ones on Earth, we have the potential of them spitting up organic matter from Europa’s core into the oceans.

And guess what that soup of organic matter means? The potential for life. 

So yeah. Space mermaids. And a whole lot more. 

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November 17 2011

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